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Interlock protects DeFi while rewarding the people who make it safer.

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    A[Browse the internet] --> B{Choose data to share}
    B -->|Share security data| C[Earn INTR token]
    B -->|Stay private| D[Stay protected from online scams]

You shouldn't have to worry about your tokens getting stolen or networks getting hacked. We are building out the world's first decentralized threat intelligence platform that strengthens the world’s ability to battle online threats. We’re creating an ecosystem of community-driven security products to protect DeFi, where people earn $INTR tokens for sharing anonymized data they control.

We are calling the space DeSec, the first of its kind decentralized security and intelligence. The first application in the ecosystem, as an example, is an anti-phishing and threat sharing platform that is a browser extension you can install and use; however, it does not yet support blockchain and token earning, that is still a work-in-progress.

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We are usually available to chat at our Discord or Telegram, if you would like to ask any questions or just talk to the developers about how great their day is today :) As for bug reports, please use the Issues tab and create a new issue, whether it's a typo in the white paper or you want something added/removed.

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Interlock is a decentralized, global team.